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Annuities – Have you given much thought to how you will maintain your current lifestyle? How certain are you that you will have an income for life? Unlike 401(k)s and IRAs, which require that you begin making withdrawals at age 70 ½, you may be able to wait much longer with annuities.

Life – Catholic Holy Family Society offers a variety of life insurance products to protect your loved ones and plan for your future. From newborns to final expenses and everything in between, count on Catholic Holy Family Society to partner with you as we do life together.

Pre-Need – Pre-Need Coverage is simply the funding vehicle that is used by the funeral home you choose when pre-arranging your funeral. By funding your arrangements through CFL Pre-Need, you can be assured that your funds and funeral selections are safe and secure backed by our history of providing excellent financial service to our members. And, CFL Pre-Need offers a wide range of product options that enable your pre-planning process to be as simple and easy as possible.