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Privacy Policy

When you became a member of Catholic Holy Family Society (CHFS), a fraternal benefit society, you gave the Society certain nonpublic information such as your name, age, residence, social security number and phone number.
As a fraternal benefit organization, CHFS is dedicated to the protection of our members’ privacy. Our Society has no affiliated financial institutions or third party non-affiliates that would have access to your non-public personal information, except pursuant to your written authorization.

The Society does not sell information about our current or former members to any third parties and we do not disclose it to third parties unless necessary to process a transaction, service an account, or as otherwise permitted by law.

Should the Society ever decide to modify its Privacy Policy, you will be notified. Access to a member’s records is limited to those employees who are working on your file. If required by civil or criminal litigation or audit to disclose information on your records, we must comply.

CHFS will strive to maintain the highest levels of confidentiality for your non-public personal information. We require employees to maintain the protection of such records and information. The employees understand that improper disclosure of nonpublic personal information is a serious matter with the severest of consequences.

Finally, you can be assured that the information in our insurance files will always be available to our members for correction or change when appropriate notice is given to Catholic Holy Family Society.