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Providing Financially Sound Products
to Members & Their Families since 1914

About Us

Joliet-Landmark-224Catholic Holy Family Society (CHFS) was founded in 1914 and has been providing financially secure insurance products and annuities to Catholics and their families since 1915. CHFS currently offers products in 19 states, serving over 30,000 members. Our members have the security and confidence that comes with placing their welfare in the hands of their own Society. At the same time, they receive the benefits that come with membership in a fraternal organization.

Our History

Holy Family Society of the USA was founded in 1914 by a group of Slovenian immigrants who lived and worked in Joliet, Illinois. It received its charter to become a Catholic fraternal benefit society from the state of Illinois in 1915. The Society offered its members small life insurance policies, a sick benefit provision and a small operation benefit. In 1956, the Society received approval to add hospitalization insurance, medical-surgical insurance, and loss of income insurance.

In the years that followed, strong and wise leadership produced a long period of growth for the Society.

In the 1980s, the Society saw more growth when it started offering small face amount life insurance policies with limited or no underwriting requirements.

At the start of the new millennium, the Society began offering annuities to its members.

In 2008, Catholic Fraternal Life merged into Holy Family Society of the USA, which then changed its name to Catholic Holy Family Society.

With the merger, came the addition of a whole life insurance product used to guarantee the cost of funeral expenses. These policies are sold through licensed funeral directors and have become the largest income producer for the Society.

Board of Directors

  • Sandy Bouchard, President/CEO
  • Melvin Weck, Chairman
  • Carson Hempen, Vice Chairman
  • James Hopper, Recording Secretary
  • Charles Berkel, Director
  • Joe Gasparich, Director
  • Michael Steven Jackson, Director
  • Joe Timmermann, Director
  • Dana Weh, Director


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